What is RFID Metal tag,and what environment suitable for

  • 2022-05-25 14:14:23
  • Source:Vinda Liang

Metal surfaces can generate interference signals,common RFID tag on metal surface can not be reading, so it use special RFID tag will work around metal surface.Kyrplink is a RFID tag manufacturer , we can design all kinds of RFID tag, meet all kinds harsh conditions.

1. What industries are using metal mount tags?

On metal RFID tags are designed for metal asset management or tracking ,such as tool tracking in medical devices for healthcare,laptops & servers in IT,industrial manufacturing, oil & gas pipelines, vehicle tracking identification, and many other industry verticals. With the recent developments in RFID technology,the possible applications of metal mount RFID tags are becoming increasingly widespread.

2. What sort of conditions and environments are metal tags suitable for?

RFID on metal tag is design and equipped suitable for harsh environment, such as waterproof, high extreme temperature resist, anti impact, corrosion-resistant.


3. Let me introduce which type rfid on metal tag suitable for your condition.


Flexible and printable RFID on metal tag


If the project indoor,and don’t waterproof and high temperature resist, It can choose flexible RFID on metal tag.Flexible RFID on metal tag attach directly to metal surfaces with adhesive, it flexible and can attach on curved metal surfaces. The surface of flexible RFID on metal tag is paper, so it can printable, it can print logo, QR code and other information.


Hard tag


We have series hard tag, such as PCB tag, ABS tag, metal nail tag,and it usual used in outdoor. This hard tag suitable for harsh environment, such as high temperature, waterproof, and anti impact. Our hard tag can also be affixed to surfaces with screws.

Ceramic tag


Ceramic tag is design for high extreme temperature and corrosion environment.such as high temperature disinfection of metal device, while the temperature is higher 200℃,it couldn’t use hard tag,it just ceramic tag suitable for.An other function of Ceramic tag is corrosion-resistant.

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