How to Choose the Best UHF RFID Tags

  • 2023-11-01 17:25:07
  • Source:Vinda Liang

How to Choose the Best UHF RFID Tags

UHF rfid tag

   In today's , RFID technology has become more and more widely used in many industries, Such as logistics, retail, healthcare, Laundry and more. UHF RFID tag is a crucial part of this technology, providing high-performance identification and tracking capabilities.

   However, there are many UHF tag options available, it can be challenging to know which ones are the best fit for your specific needs. we will cover the key factors to consider how to choose the best UHF tags for your application.

   A rfid tag consist of antenna, chip,release paper, and writing paper. Some special tags require the addition of some special materials. Such as Anti metal tag, Anti liquid label, RFID Laundry tag,etc.


   Antenna and chip are the two important parts of a tag, a good chip can ensure the tag performance, at first, choose the chips from famous  manufacturer,such as NXP Impinj,  We keep better cooperation with these famous manufacturers.  


 The reading distance depend on the antenna. we have the ability of design the antenna, our 97*25mm UHF rfid label can reach 30m reading distance.

 There are some other parameter is also important for a tag, such as frequency, memory,re-write times.In conclusion, choosing the best UHF tags requires careful consideration of various factors, but at first, you should choose a factory, not a trade company.

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